Executive Director Message

January 11, 2019

The effective and efficient flow of freight in the United States faces unprecedented challenges and tremendous opportunities. Evolving government policy and regulation driven by societal demands continues and will not abate. Availability of a well-trained labor force, particularly acute in the trucking industry, will likely continue to be a challenge as our economy continues to expand. At the same time, advances in technology and business processes, as well as improvements being driven by increased capital investment, are yielding remarkable opportunity.

Whether you are an importer, exporter, retailer, shipping line, port, marine terminal operator, drayage operator, logistics provider or an investor, the sheer complexity of the many challenges and opportunities can overwhelm any one company or even any business segment to adequately navigate these waters alone.

The Coalition for Responsible Transportation (CRT) is an industry association of shipping and transportation interests that has come together, collaboratively, to examine these issues, to raise awareness among stakeholders and to derive and promote innovative and realistic policy and methods that support a more effective national intermodal system.

CRT members come together as one with a singular mission to promote and drive creative solutions to improve port performance, air quality and infrastructure that enhances the reliability and velocity of freight flows through our nation’s ports and intermodal gateways.

I invite you to delve more deeply into CRT to learn more about our direction, our diverse membership, our work, and our team approach. In so doing, I am confident that you will see the importance of our mission, and the opportunities that participation in our association and work offers.